Promotion Guide

Using the Promotion tool

The promotion tool is designed to automate likes, follows, unfollows, comments & story views. It does this by targeting very specific and relevant objectives in order to increase your engagement and gain followers from REAL people who are interested in your content.

Targeting Competitor Followers

This method allows you to utilize your competitors audience and target their followers (who should also be interested in your content) in order to engage with them and convert them into your own followers. You can even filter this by only targeting active users! (likers & commenters). 

Targeting Locations

This method allows you to target users who have published posts in your specified location. This can be very useful if you want to gain followers in your local area to promote your business/service e.g. personal training. 

Targeting Hashtag Owners

This method allows you to target people who have used certain hashtags in their own posts. This can be very useful for building your network of likeminded fitness influencers who you can establish a relationship with in order to reshare eachothers content. 

Targeting Hashtag Lovers

This method allows you to target users who often like and engage with specified hashtags. This is useful for building a very relevant and interested audience who will love your content. It is recommended to use hashtags that you normally add to your posts with thid

The finer details (Settings)

Please Note: The default settings are often more than sufficient for effectively growing your audience. However once you are able to establish some trends with your statistics data, you may be more comfortable to change these for increased efficiency.

Help tips are everywhere!

Hover over the help tip icons next to any of the settings in your dashboard to get a detailed explanation for exactly what each setting does! If you’re unsure about changing anything, feel free to contact us.

Promotion Toggles

Promotion toggles give you complete flexibility and control for exactly which actions you would like I systems to perform on your account. The different types of actions include likes, follows, comments and story views. So for example, if you don’t want our systems to automatically leave comments on your targets posts, simple switch the toggle to the off position. 

Detailed Statistics

You can view detailed statistics for each of your accounts in order to compare different metrics such as Conversion Rate (the percentage of our automated actions which results in someone following your account). This will help you to analyse how your accounts are perfoming and then decide if they need optimisation or not. If you’re stuck on this or you aren’t getting the results you want, feel free to contact us and we will help you out!