Scheduling Guide

Using the Scheduling Tool

The promotion tool is designed to help you plan and automate all your future content publishing. This means you can plan content well in advance and even go on holiday without worrying about your next post. Our tool is able to schedule both pictures & videos however will soon be able to schedule stories too!

It’s Simple. Really!

To schedule content, simple hit the upload button to import your image video, add any watermarks, captions, first comments, locations etc and then choose the exact date and time you want it to be published. That’s all there is to it!

Manage your Content Calendar

The scheduling tool also has a very clear calendar where you can view all of your upcoming content in one simple dashboard. This makes it much easier for you to visualise your content ideas on your plan.

Save Posts as Drafts

You can also save posts as drafts if you want to come back and finish them later. So if you’re not sure on your caption, hashtags or even when you want to post, we’ve got you covered!