How can I view the statistics of my activities in a different time period?

How can I view the statistics of my activities in a different time period?

While you are logged-in to your FitFluencer dashboard, You can see three different filter options for your account activity statistics inside the Promotion tab. (If you have multiple accounts, make sure you have selected your desired account from the left sidebar.)

  1. Status: Here you can filter the status of your different targets. The options include: All statuses, All except deleted targets, Active targets (which are currently live and processing), Completed targets, Paused or Deleted targets.
  2. Type: Here you can filter the different target types. The options include:
    • All types: for all target types including your Competitor Page targets, Hashtag targets, Locations targets and Custom List targets.
    • Donor: Normal Competitor Page targets.
    • Active users: The Competitor Page targets where you have checked the “Only active followers” option.
    • Hash-Tags: Hashtag targets including Lover and Owner hashtags.
    • Targets: Your Custom List targets which are uploaded in bulk as a text file of Instagram page user IDs.
  3. Time: Here you can filter the time period in which to view the statistic results.

After selecting your custom filters, click on the Apply button and wait for the statistic results to be loaded on the page. Results are divided into the following sections:

  1. Coverage: The number of all interactions that have been completed.
  2. Followers: Number of followers you have gained as a result of our interactions.
  3. Average CTR: The ratio of the number of followers which you have gained from your targets compared to the coverage figure. This is the most important parameter in FitFluencer. It helps you understand whether your chosen targets are performing well or not. In order to improve your Instagram growth, you need to observe the conversion of your targets at appropriate time intervals & then change targets where necessary.
  4. Follows: The number of the following interactions that have been completed by us.
  5. Likes: The number of the like interactions that have been completed by us.
  6. Comments: The number of comments that have been posted by us.
  7. Story Views: The number of Instagram user stories that have been viewed by us.
  8. Unfollows: The number of unfollow interactions that have been completed by us.

On each target, you can separately view the number of Interactions, Coverage and Conversions.

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