Likes are not working for my account. What can I do?

Likes are not working for my account. What can I do?

As you may know, Instagram is cracking down on automation apps. So, to counteract this and keep your accounts completely safe we provide proxy connections to hide your activities entirely.

If your likes are not currently working, there are 2 possible solutions:

  1. Use Our Local Proxy Application: By installing and using this application on your computer, all interaction requests from your IG account will be forwarded to Instagram using your own and actual IP address. (Please keep in mind that Instagram has a limit of five account connections per IP, So if you are managing more than five accounts, this app is not a good solution for you.) Note: You will need to keep the application running on your computer for this to work.
  2. Buy a dedicated SOCKS proxy: Reliable proxies make your activities highly anonymous. You canĀ purchase a proxy for your chosen country for Ā£4.70 per month in the settings menu of your account.

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