What are the differences between target types?

What are the differences between target types?

Inside your FitFluencer dashboard, you can add four different types of targets for promotional activities.

1. Followers of an Instagram account (Competitor Page Targets)
Target followers of an Instagram account. Here you can interact with your competitors’ Instagram followers. So, try to find some popular accounts that are similar to yours. 
If your content is similar to your competitors accounts, they should find your page interesting and will probably start to follow you as well!

Option to Target active followers
Also, To only interact with followers who are usually liking and commenting on the target page, you can check the “Only active followers” checkbox while adding your competitor page target.
This means you will only engage with people who are active and engaging with your competitors content.

2. Locations
You can add locations such as cities, districts, public places, etc. as a target. 
When you choose a location target, the service interacts with the people who have published Instagram posts in those places. 
Geolocation targeting is suitable for people who are looking for local Instagram followers e.g. Personal Trainers

3. Hashtags
To achieve better results, we have divided hashtag targeting into two different categories: 
Owner: target users who have used a specific hashtag in their posts. 
Lovers: target users who have liked posts with that particular hashtag.

4. Targets (Bulk Pages)
You can upload a text file containing Instagram user “IDs.” (Not usernames) 
We will then only interact with those specified accounts.
This is the most accurate kind of targeting however requires you to actively find and export your own audience. Contact us for help on this.

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