What are the Instagram rate limits and how to avoid them?

What are the Instagram rate limits and how to avoid them?

Instagram, like many other web services, imposes a rate limit. A rate limit is a limit on a certain number of activities that can be performed at any given time. It can be 2 per minute, 20 per hour, 100 per day etc. 

We have found that different accounts have different rate limits. For instance, older and more popular accounts might have higher rate limits than newer or smaller accounts. That’s the reason why you should warm up your account before using the service.

To warm up your account, you may follow these steps manually (without using the service): 

1. Publish around 4/5 posts per day with limited tags 
2. Do a maximum of 60 likes per day 
3. Do a maximum of 50 follows per day 

Keep doing that for at least 15 days to warm up the account but gradually increasing everything. 
After 30 days you can start hitting the threshold and use our service. 

From what we have observed, the following rate limits are active as of 2019: 

likes: 50 – 60 / hour | 400 – 900 / day 
comments: 20 – 60 / hour | 50 – 250 / day 
follows: 30 – 60 / hour | 200 – 800 / day 
unfollows: 30 – 60 / hour | 200 – 800 / day 

We will try and adjust the rates of your account to automatically comply with these rate limits.

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